Carpenter ants. Mosquitoes. Rodents. Birds. Squirrels. Did you invite any of these creatures to take up residence in your gutters? In effect, you have – if you fail to have gutter cleaning done regularly.

Clogged gutters, filled with a combination of nature’s debris, make an inviting home for these pests. If they have nestled in there, it probably won’t be long before they find their way inside the home as well. Establish a regular habit of cleaning gutters, usually twice per year, to keep from putting out the welcome sign for gutter dwellers.

Damage Caused By Clogged Gutters

In addition to vermin presence, clogged gutters can cause a lot of damage to your home.

gutter rainDamage due to water: When gutters are clogged, they can no longer do their job of draining water away from your home. Instead, water gathers around the foundation and can get into your basement. The results are water damage and the mold that follows.

Damage to the gutters: Without regular inspection and cleaning, gutters will grow heavy with debris and water. Left unchecked, this can eventually cause gutters to loosen and pull away from the building.

Damage due to ice: Ice dams are formed when gutters are clogged during cold weather. The water flows over the sides of the gutter and freezes, forming a dam that forces water into the home. Besides this damaging water flow, the weight of the ice can also tear the gutter off the home. Icicles can also form, which can damage shingles.

Damage to building materials: When the water is not properly draining off your home, the gutters can overflow over the back and pour the water onto the building instead. This can cause fascia boards and rafters behind the gutter to rot.

Gutter Cleaning Made Easy

To avoid these costly damages to your home, keep a regular gutter cleaning and maintenance schedule. Gutter cleaning should be done twice per year, or possibly more often, depending on your location.

gutter with leavesIf you are in a wooded area, your gutters may need to be cleaned more frequently. If you are experiencing a harsh winter, and notice any ice dams or leaks, these should be cleared away immediately.  The professionals at Central Window Cleaning can advise you about how often you should have gutter cleaning done.

Let The Pros Do It

Central Window Cleaning can help you keep your gutters clean and working smoothly to ensure protection of your home.  You won’t need to risk your safety rigging up ladders and trying to reach or repair hard-to-clean gutters. Leave that to the pros. Specializing in gutter cleaning, Central Window Cleaning professionals have the training, tools, and knowledge to properly clean gutters and downspouts, check for proper flow, and maintain your healthy drainage system.

Keep your home out of the gutter. Contact Central Window Cleaning today to receive a free estimate for gutter cleaning.

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Christine Paulsen
Christine Paulsen
14:47 03 May 21
Very happy customer here! They were incredibly responsive after I submitted initial inquiry. Website was great...easy to use for getting an estimated quote. They accommodated our schedule, answered all my questions. The guys doing the work were friendly and professional. They took swift action when a couple of touch-ups were needed. They cleaned the entire exterior of the house...looks brand new. Did all of the windows inside and out, including skylights and high window in cathedral ceiling living room), and one hard to reach ceiling fan. Great job, would definitely use this company again!
Joe Birdwell Jr
Joe Birdwell Jr
17:07 01 Feb 21
I work at Subway in Natrona Heights. Our window cleaner each time is MIKE. He always comes and does a spectacular job on the store windows. He is very professional and easy to deal with. I would recommend MIKE and this service to any business that needs a reliable and quality company to clenched their windows.
Barb Luczkowski
Barb Luczkowski
21:12 25 Jan 21
We have worked with Central Window Cleaning for 10 yrs. They are always prompt, polite and do a excellent job. I would recommend them to a friend. Fred our guy is polite, friendly and does a great job.
Nicole Rainey
Nicole Rainey
20:18 10 Dec 20
Tristian and other young man arrived before scheduled time. Very professional and explained what was going to be done and what was expected of me. I’ve had numerous work done because I like their work! Very diligent and efficient. And their follow up is also and awesome thing! Make sure customers are satisfied.
Jean McAuliffe
Jean McAuliffe
22:41 24 Nov 20
Central Window kept us informed of arrival date and time of arrival. They appeared when they said they would. Clayton and Anthony did an amazing job on windows coated with grime inside and out from construction. They worked efficiently. They were considerate of our home. They were pleasant to have around. They were wonderful. The results are wonderful. I highly recommend Clayton and Anthony and Central Window Cleaning.
Betsy Breese
Betsy Breese
17:34 17 Nov 20
Our window washer was on time and did a very thorough job. One of our storm windows was broken but the company will have the glass replaced and the storm window returned to us. Overall we were very satisfied with the work done.
Gladys Bankston
Gladys Bankston
00:01 17 Nov 20
Edwin was very professional. He took time to explain everything to us. He cleaned our windows, screens, frames and window sills inside and out. They truly look amazing. I highly recommend this company.
Alice Iden
Alice Iden
10:34 19 Oct 20
Easy to schedule. Good price. Followed up with before and after pictures. All debris was cleaned up.
Walter Mckelvey
Walter Mckelvey
16:44 16 Oct 20
Edwin was very professional and did an excellent job.Happy Customer!
Colleen Greenrod
Colleen Greenrod
20:15 15 Oct 20
Edwin was so meticulous and very professional. My windows look beautiful.
Barb Vitantonio
Barb Vitantonio
13:09 14 Oct 20
I was so happy to wake up today and look out the clean windows. Central Window Cleaning will always have my business. On time, very professional, great job. Clayton was so friendly and I could tell he cares about the work he does. And I couldn't ask for a better price. I highly recommend Central Window Cleaning.
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