Have you decided it’s time for window cleaning in Hudson, OH? Before you start scrubbing your panes, make sure you know how to do it like a pro. You certainly don’t want to put all the time and effort into this chore and get poor results. Following are a few basic tips that will help you achieve the sparkle you desire.

DO practice proper safety

Window cleaning in Hudson, OH often involves climbing on ladders and accessing hard-to-reach places. Place ladders carefully and securely to avoid accidents. Keep in mind you aren’t Spiderman. To help determine if you are being cautious enough, ask yourself if you would want your spouse or child to try the method you are attempting to use.

DON’T attempt window cleaning without proper equipment

If you don’t have the proper ladder for the job, don’t try it. Why risk an emergency room visit? Call your trusted professionals for window cleaning in Hudson, OH. They have all the necessary equipment to get the job done right (and they charge less than hospitals do.)

DO use professional tools

A squeegee is the best tool for window cleaning in Hudson, OH. This is what the pros use, because it gets the best results. Be sure to replace the rubber blade regularly, too.

DON’T use inferior tools

Using newspaper is a common “tip” that will not get the results you want. Many homeowners also use paper towels. These tools are likely to push the dirt around the windows rather than truly clean them.

DO wash windows on a cloudy day

Many homeowners wait for a perfectly sunny day to wash their windows. This actually makes the process harder. The bright light makes streaks harder to detect.

Cloudy Window CleaningDON’T clean windows on a hot sunny day

The warm sunshine dries the glass quickly, increasing the chance of water spots and smears. A cooler, cloudy day makes this job easier.

DO clean your window screens

Many homeowners skip this important part of window cleaning in Hudson, OH. However, if you do, the dust and grime that has accumulated on your screens will quickly make your panes dirty again.

DON’T damage your screens during cleaning

Be gentle with your screens. Many are made with very fine material, and could rip if not handled carefully. A vacuum cleaner attachment, gentle sponge and water, or soft garden hose spray are all good options.

DO start at the top

If you will be washing more than one story of windows, start on the top floor and work your way down. Apply the same principle for each individual pane as well. As you clean each pane systematically, from top to bottom, you will avoid the frustration of dirty water running down onto the previously-cleaned surfaces.

Do Call Central Window Cleaning

Let’s face it, few homeowners enjoy this chore. Why not let the pros handle it? If you are considering window cleaning in Hudson, OH, contact the pros at Central Window Cleaning. Your panes will be sparkling in no time.

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