Stickers are fun. We get it. Who doesn’t like cool, fun, stickers?! But there is a place for them, and it’s usually not on your beautiful store front windows.

Why you ask? BECAUSE THEY ARE STICKERS (and don’t even get us started on tape). Meaning, sticky and cannot be repositioned. And what if it’s placement is just off-center enough to make you absolutely crazy? Fear not, there are alternatives. There are decals with lower tac adhesive and the always trusty static clings. Either of these options are preferred above a sticker that you can’t budge. And once its stuck, it’s stuck. But if that happens, that’s where we come in! Our employees are trained to treat your window with the utmost respect, which includes not leaving a scratch behind!

I sense you eyeing up those stickers with regret…its ok, we are only a phone call away. 877.815.WASH

Let Central Window Cleaning do the safe sticker removal! We offer full service window cleaning, power washing and gutter cleaning in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh.

About Us

Central Window Cleaning understands the value of clean. We utilize the latest technologies associated with equipment and cleaning solutions that get the job done right! Whether the job is inside or outside our attention to detail is unparalleled and your satisfaction is our highest priority. We look forward to adding you to our ever growing list of satisfied clients.

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