Whether shopping at Kenwood Towne Center or walking the streets of downtown Cincinnati, one thing is for certain – when you look up and around there are beautiful buildings with a LOT of windows! And windows happen to be what we do best. We take so much pride in our safety measures, skill and hired talent that we ride around in bright green cars just to call attention to ourselves!

Central Window has SPRAT certified squeegee-skilled window cleaners that use the best equipment so you are getting top of the line service from every aspect. Office buildings, shopping centers, even historic buildings, we do it all! Give the man in vans a call, and James will be there to give you your free estimate and fill you in on all the services Central Window Cleaning provides.

Let Central Window Cleaning be your high rise commercial window cleaner! We offer full service interior and exterior window cleaning, in Hamilton, Springdale, Westchester and all the areas surrounding Cincinnati.

About Us

Central Window Cleaning understands the value of clean. We utilize the latest technologies associated with equipment and cleaning solutions that get the job done right! Whether the job is inside or outside our attention to detail is unparalleled and your satisfaction is our highest priority. We look forward to adding you to our ever growing list of satisfied clients.

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