You’ve just cleaned your windows. The house is sparkling. You want to keep it that way. How? Care for your mulch.

Believe it or not, your mulch can have a huge impact on the cleanliness of your windows and siding.

The following steps will help keep your windows clean.

Take Away Your Mulch’s Fire Power

The mulch that has the power to beautify your flower beds also has the power to dirty your windows and siding.

Most landscape mulch is a breeding ground for artillery fungus, or shotgun fungus. This wood-decay fungus shoots spores up to 20 feet. These ugly black spots end up on your house. Your freshly cleaned windows get blotted with spores.

Unfortunately, this fungus likes all kinds of mulch, so simply switching to a different kind of wood will not rid you of this problem. Fortunately, there are some things you can do.

Switch to stone – If you want to be sure this fungus does not find a home in your flower beds, switch your landscape look to rock.

Without the mulch to live on, your clean windows won’t be the target of fungus spores.

Use course ground wood chips – Moist, finely ground mulch creates a welcoming home for the fungus.

Switching to larger pieces of wood will help keep the mulch drier and less likely to breed the fungus. Playground chips are a good choice.

Refresh mulch regularly – No matter what kind of mulch you use, keeping it fresh is a good idea. Refreshing the mulch frequently will help prevent the artillery spores from ever sprouting. Rake out your flower beds and keep mulch dry and fresh.

You will not only keep your landscaping looking sharp, you will prevent those ugly spores from shooting onto your windows.

What If You’re Too Late?

If artillery fungus has already attacked your windows and siding, the cleaning process is lengthy. If not removed promptly, the sticky substance from the spores can stay on your house permanently. Scraping, power washing, and bleaching are all possible solutions.

Unless you simply have some time to kill, or are one of those people who likes doing this type of work for fun (we haven’t met any of these types yet) you can call in the pros to handle it for you.

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