Does the view through your window look like a forest fire is blazing outside? That’s not smoke. It’s window hazing. Hazing on glass is a common issue. It’s causes are many.

 What creates hazing on glass?

Pollution – Car exhaust, factories, and other burning of fossil fuels create pollutants that gather on the glass.

Minerals and metallic ions – Rain water is high in mineral content. Over time, these minerals build up and produce spots of haze.

Water on windowGlass corrosion – While normally created to withstand corrosion, alkali from the glass can get stripped away by acids in water, leading to eventual corrosion and hazing on glass.

  • Broken window seals – When the window was created, air or gas was sealed around the edges of the window to form insulation. If this seal is broken, moisture can now get between the panes and create hazing on the glass.
  • Very hot water used to wash windows – Exposure to water of very high temperatures can be damaging, causing significant corrosion and hazing on glass.

Hazing on glass, left unchecked, can lead to further damage. You may even find it necessary to replace the glass. How can you avoid this?

 How To Lift The Fog

Professional window cleaning for hazing on glass is the best option. For the do-it-yourselfer, options do exist.

1. Manually polish the glass – This will be extremely labor intensive. Though time consuming, it may remove much of the haze. However, some minerals and pollutants may require a professional product.

2. Wash with an intensive cleaner – Many products exist to solve the problem of hazing on glass. Winsol offers a glass clearing agent to restore windows. This and other products can be found here.

Clean Me WindowWhen selecting a cleaner, be sure to research what it is designed to clean. Some are more effective with water spotting, others are formulated to cut through grease and tar residues, and others are best to eliminate alkaline residues. Which product is best for you will depend on your location and what has caused the window hazing.

 3. Replace aluminum screens with fiberglass mesh – The fiberglass should not crease, dent, or unravel. It will provide better protection for your windows to prevent hazing on glass.

Let The Professionals Handle It

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While these DIY options are available, it is best to handle the problem professionally. If cleaned improperly, the glass can be permanently ruined. Why risk it? Save hassle, save time, save your windows. Contact Central Window Cleaning and let the pros take care of your window hazing.

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