You’ve decided to tackle the chore of window cleaning in Westlake, OH. Are you prepared with the proper safety measures? Many homeowners dive into this job without the knowledge, skills and tools to complete the task without endangering their health. These ill-prepared methods can result in serious injury and potentially lethal situations. It can also damage your windows. Before you begin your window cleaning project, review the following safety concerns and how to properly handle them.

The Humpty Dumpty Syndrome

How high is the highest window you will be cleaning? Do you have the appropriate ladder, scaffolding, or other tools required to safely reach it? Too often, homeowners perch precariously on a ladder that is too short for the job, or climb around on rooftops with no precautions in place. Around 300 deaths in the U.S. each year are caused by falls from ladders.

If you use a ladder, be sure it has solid footing on the ground. Don’t overextend yourself on ladder rungs not created to stand on. Wear proper shoes with sufficient gripping for ladder or rooftop climbing. Do not venture out on a steep roof or hang out of a high window without securing yourself. Consider using a buddy system. Take all safety measures needed to ensure you won’t have to be “put back together again.”

Feeling the Burn

Window CleaningWhat supplies do you plan to use for your window cleaning in Westlake, OH? A common misconception is that you need special chemicals. Window cleaning can be accomplished with simple dish soap, water and a squeegee. In fact, harsh solutions can be harmful to your skin and lungs. If you decide to use something stronger than soap, be sure to protect yourself. Avoid skin exposure to the solution. Avoid breathing in fumes from the mixture. Wear gloves and a mask.

Soaking, Not Scratching

Homeowners who use harsh methods can scratch their panes. Do you know what kind of glass you will be cleaning? Depending on the type of windows you have, different methods should be used. Some windows are easier to clean than others.

If cleaned improperly, you may damage your windows. Using simple, proven steps will help you avoid the danger of scratching your windows. The end result will be sparkling panes instead of unsightly scratches.

Window Cleaning Heroes

Do you want to avoid these dangers completely? Let the pros take all the risks for you. The window cleaning professionals at Central Window Cleaning are prepared to step in and complete your window cleaning in Westlake, OH. We will brave the heights and apply extensive experience to ensure safe window cleaning for all your panes. We offer zero percent danger and 100 percent satisfaction. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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