Pretty petals or pollen producer?  Super snuggly or sneeze inducer?

Spring can be tough. The beautiful plants you want to enjoy seem to be in attack mode. Your family pet is shedding his winter coat, and you can’t find a single hair-free surface.

Itchy, burning eyes. Congestion. Runny nose. You thought winter would never end, but find yourself almost wishing for freezing over sneezing. You’re not alone. Millions of Midwesterners suffer from allergy symptoms. Whether you are in Aurora, Chagrin Falls, or Cleveland, the Ohio allergens will find you.

What can be done to provide relief? Common cures include over-the-counter medication, allergy shots, and a slew of home remedies that allegedly help (like a spoonful of local honey every morning.) One solution less frequently applied is window cleaning.

Window cleaning? Yes. Keeping a clean house can greatly reduce reactions to allergens, and this includes clean windows.

  • Every time you step into your home, you bring with you the pollens, dander, and dirt that you traveled through while out. These float about your house and settle on your furniture, floors, and, yes, windows.
  • Every time the breeze blows, it brings pesky pollens to your window screens, where it may get trapped, or gets through to rest on your panes. What happens the next time you open your dirty window? These particles drift into your house, and then into your eyes and nose.
  • Every time your cat sits in your window, or your dog places his paws on the sill to bark at whomever dares walk by his domain, pet dander and hair are left behind.

Making window cleaning a regular occurrence at your home can help reduce the effects of these irritants. It helps minimize the allergens trapped and traveling in your home. By not allowing the sneeze-producers to build up, and you can better enjoy fresh clean surroundings that don’t make you sniff.

Another advantage of window cleaning?  When pollen levels are high, doctors recommend staying indoors and keeping windows closed to reduce symptoms. On those days when you need stay in with the windows shut, you will at least have a nice crisp view of the great outdoors.

Get the allergens out and let the sparkles in. Get a free estimate today from Central Window Cleaning. You enjoy the fresh air. Leave the panes to us.

For more ways to keep your home allergen free, see our info on concrete cleaning.

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