Any realtor worth their commission will tell you there a few key strategies to selling your home. Homeowners who uncover these secrets to selling your home will get buyers in the door and in a contract.

Free of commission charge, here they are:

1. Cleanliness

Soft House WashYou want your home to outshine the rest. Buyers have a lot of choices. Make sure yours offers the most sparkle. Go beyond dusting and vacuuming. Wash the windows. Clean the gutters. Wash the house exterior. Clean your roof. Before they even step inside, buyers will have a great impression of a clean and well-kept home.

2. De-cluttered Surroundings

Make your home appear as big as possible by de-cluttering. Use less furniture in living spaces, or smaller pieces. Keep kitchen surfaces clear. Organize or empty out closets. Do the same for basement and garage storage.

3. Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Keep it neutral. Not everyone appreciates sea-foam green. Your home will look and feel brand new with a nice neutral coat of fresh paint throughout the living space.

4. Pleasant Aromas

Unpleasant aromas are obvious turn-offs. Pets. Mildew. Don’t let potential buyers get a whiff of these. Less obvious is what you should put under their noses. If you’re about to show your home, bake some cookies. Put some lemon rinds through the garbage disposal. Leave their noses wishing they lived in your house.

 5. Curb Appeal

Curb AppealFreshen up your curb appeal. You front porch area, your lawn, landscape areas, and walkways are all an important first impression. Click here for ways to improve your curb appeal 400%.

6. Photography

Today, we shop for everything online. In our virtual world, your home’s internet presence is key. Ensure your home is marketed well with top-notch photography. This is the first and possibly only impression many buyers will have of your home. If the photos don’t impress them (or there aren’t any to impress them) they will click away and never consider even looking at your home, much less buy it.

7. Owner Absence

Yes, we all want to ensure the buyer notices all the great features of our home. Yes, we are curious what they think of it. But…don’t hover. If a buyer wants to see your home, get out of the way and let them see it. Leave. Let the realtor show it. You can get their feedback later. They need space to look around without your looking over their shoulder.

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For help with these homeowner tips and more, contact the professionals at Central Window Cleaning. We are ready to spruce up your home to get it sold!

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