Your reputation is at stake. All the neighbors will be there. All your friends are invited. Even the in-laws may make an appearance. Your big BBQ needs to be a hit. To make the grand impression you hope for, try the following barbeque preps.

1. Pressure wash concrete areas.

Power Washing

Walkways, patios, and driveways are much more inviting without all that grimy build-up. A good concrete cleaning will remove the streaks and spots that add nothing to your curb appeal. A fresh clean look will make these areas shine, leaving a much better impression on barbeque guests.

2. Freshen the flower beds.


Rake or freshen mulch. Remove all weeds. Plant seasonal flowers or add potted plants in-season. Lush landscaping adds ambiance to any patio party.

3. Stock up on grill supplies.

grill tank

Don’t run out in the middle of your BBQ. There’s nothing worse than running out of propane when the brats are half-cooked, or discovering you don’t have enough charcoal to make a nice bed of coals for those steaks. Check your supply, then double check it. Have an extra tank or an extra bag of charcoal on hand at all times.

4. Be ready for rain.

Window Rain

It doesn’t matter what the weather man says. Your BBQ may get rained on. Have a back-up plan. Clear out the garage so you can grill and/or eat there if you need to. Get a canopy, tent, or screened enclosure. Learn how to use the broil feature on your oven. Whatever it takes, be ready for bad weather.

5. Prepare for pests.


Buy citronella candles or fun tiki torches with citronella. Spray the barbeque area with repellant. Make your party area a mosquito-free zone as much as possible. Also check for wasps nests in BBQ areas, such as your grill, light fixtures, or other furniture. Be sure the area is nest free before the event. Guests who get stung at your party are not happy guests.

house windows

For more homeowner tips, contact the professionals at Central Window Cleaning. We are happy to help spruce up your home for your next BBQ. Get a free estimate today.

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