Have you been putting off cleaning your windows? This chore usually ranks pretty low on a homeowner’s list of fun things to do. But, once your windows are clean, the transformation is worth the effort. If you don’t have the time (or desire) to complete this task yourself, hiring professionals for window cleaning in Hudson, OH is easy. Contact Central Window Cleaning for a free estimate.

For those who prefer to try it themselves, use the following professional tips to make your windows sparkle.

  1. Assemble the proper equipment.

To achieve the best results, you’ll need the right window cleaning tools. One of the most important pieces is a high-quality squeegee. Get one with an adjustable, swivel handle and extension poles. This will provide the best maneuverability as you wash. Remember, rubber inserts wear out and will need to be replaced after several full-house washes.

The other important aspect is, of course, the cleaning solution. Use all-purpose detergent or hand dishwashing liquid. This is easy on your hands and the squeegee’s rubber insert. Some people prefer to use water and vinegar. This will clean your windows, but is harsher on your hands and tools. It’s also harder to see as you clean. It doesn’t foam, so it can be hard to tell what parts you have washed and difficult to detect streaks.

Another little-known secret is to use cold water rather than warm. When the water is warm, it evaporates faster, leaving drop marks on your panes before you have a chance to wipe the water away.

  1. Prep your windows.

Since the panes are the main concern, many homeowners dive right in to washing the glass. For better results, do a little prep work. Before starting on glass scrubbing, remove all cobwebs, dust and debris from the window, frames and sill with a soft brush. Dust shutters and blinds. Protect the windowsills with a cloth to catch any drips while you wash. These extra steps are worth it to help you achieve more satisfying results when the project is complete.

  1. Master the art of the squeegee.

As you wash each window, start in the top corner, working your way down in a straight line. Continue with this pattern until you have cleaned the entire window. squeegeeBe sure your strokes overlap so you don’t leave any dirty spots between passes. Each time you reach the bottom of the window, wipe the water off your squeegee. To finish it off, complete a horizontal stroke along the bottom of the window.

  1. Choose clouds over sunshine.

Many homeowners assume window cleaning in Hudson, OH is best accomplished on a bright, sunny day. Surprisingly, it’s actually easier to clean your windows when it’s cloudy. Warm sunshine dries your cleaning solution faster, resulting in more streaks and water marks. The brightness also makes it harder to see streaks as you wash.

Contact the Pros for window cleaning in Hudson, OH

If these tips sound great, but you just don’t have the time, energy, or desire to complete this chore yourself, we understand. The experienced professionals at Central Window Cleaning are happy to help. Contact us for a free estimate today, and we’ll have your panes sparkling in no time.

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