Have you looked at your roof lately? Chances are, it looks pretty dirty – which makes sense, because it gets a continuous beating from the weather and the environment. But, does it really matter if your roof isn’t spotless?

Actually, yes, it does. Here’s why you need a roof cleaning service:

1. Those black streaks and stains aren’t just dirt. Your roof is hosting algae, lichens, and moss. These organisms start growing on the north side of your roof. Your roof is food to them. They are feasting on the organic materials in your shingles. You need a roof cleaning service to get rid of these organisms.

2. Roof algae, lichens, and moss destroy your roof. These organisms eat right through your shingles and down to the roof deck, causing wood rot. If you want to avoid permanent roof damage and costly repairs, getting a roof wash is essential.


3. A clean roof reduces health risks. Left untreated, wood rot caused by organisms growing on your roof will pose health risks for your family. When wood rots, it allows moisture to get in through the cracks. This creates a perfect environment for mold growth, which is a well-known cause of serious health problems. Mold can seriously affect people and pets by causing allergies and asthma. Cleaning your roof will eliminate this health risk.

4. Roof cleaning increases curb appeal. Large black stains on the roof do not make your home look attractive. A roof cleaning service will clear your roof of unpleasant algae, moss, and lichens, restoring the beauty of your home. You don’t want an ugly roof to be the main focal point of your home’s exterior.

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The bottom line? Take care of your roof and get it cleaned on a regular basis. Roof cleaning services will restore the appearance of your roof and remove destructive mold and algae. You’ll extend the life of your roof and avoid costly roof repairs or replacement.

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