Back to school shopping. One last summer vacation. Planting mums. What’s on your to-do list as summer comes to a close? Many homeowners overlook an important task that can make their fall surroundings much brighter. Pressure washing in Chagrin Falls, OH can enhance your surroundings to provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful autumn season. Here’s how:

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Over time, your once-brilliant paint job starts to look…drab. Your siding no longer shines. It begins to look faded and worn. You want to keep your exterior as sharp as possible. After a long, hot Ohio summer, your house has endured dust, dirt, storms and grime. But, it doesn’t have to stay this way. Give your home a house wash to enter the fall season fresh and clean.

To properly remove the summer’s stains, complete a soft wash or pressure wash of your home. A soft wash system will gently clean and cleanse your home. This is best for siding, stucco and stone. Pressure washing in Chagrin Falls, OH is good for painted surfaces and concrete. Completed properly, these methods will transform your home and send your curb appeal through the roof. And, speaking of the roof…

Protect Your Roof

Your roof works hard to protect you every day. It’s time to do something to return the favor. Soon, your house will be covered with fall leaves, then snow. After baking in the summer heat, your roof could use a clean start to enter these harsh months. Before the leaves start piling on, call in the pros to wash away the growth that may have already started.

Power Washing - Chagrin Falls, OHDo you see any black streaks or stains up there? Those aren’t just dirt. Your roof is hosting moss, lichens and algae. These organisms are feasting on your roofing materials, and you need a roof cleaning to rid your roof of these harmful pests. But, don’t simply power wash your roof.

Central Window Cleaning offers a soft wash roof cleaning method which is the only method recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. Using low pressure and specialized, environmentally friendly solutions, Central Window Cleaning will clean and remove 100% of the contaminants on your roof and make it shine for the fall.

Transform Your Entertaining Areas

Does your exterior include any concreate areas? Patios, driveways and walkways are more inviting without all the streaks and spots that have built up over time. A professional concrete cleaning can remove the grimy build-up from these areas. Central Window Cleaning can power wash your patio or other outdoor areas to prep them for your autumn entertaining. A fresh, clean look will make these areas shine for your fall parties and leave a more positive impression on guests.

Professional Fall Prep

With professional power washing in Chagrin Falls, OH, you can enhance every exterior aspect of your home. Contact the experts at Central Window Cleaning to complete the task of prepping your home for a gorgeous fall season. Call today for a free estimate!


Header image: Kirshna Santhanam

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