Is your home more than three years old? If so, it could probably use some freshening up. The seasonal weather in Strongsville, OH takes its toll on your home’s exterior. After a few seasons, your roof, siding and walkways start to show signs of the weather. Dirt, algae and other grime begin to accumulate. Restore your home to its original shine with pressure washing in Strongsville, OH. You’ll be amazed at the transformation.

Concrete Clean-Up

Have you looked closely at your sidewalks, driveway, patio, or other walkways lately? Streaks, spots and soil build-up make these areas uninviting and diminish your home’s curb appeal. Don’t let them. Professional pressure washing will eliminate this grime and restore your concrete to like-new condition. Your neighbors will think you poured a new patio!

Roof Renewal

Do you see black streaks on your roof? That’s more than dirt. It’s a host of organisms feasting on your roof. Algae, lichens and moss thrive on the organic materials in your shingles. Not only do they make your roof look unappealing, they also eat right through your roof down to the decking. What’s the solution? Roof washing. This will rid your roof of these pests and make your exterior shine like new again.Soft Wash Roof

Many people turn to pressure washing in Strongsville, OH to clean their roof. While this may remove the stains, it won’t kill the algae and other growths. Similar to pressure washing, a soft wash roof cleaning is the best method to use. The professionals at Central Window Cleaning are experts in this process. Using professional treatment with algae-killing chemicals, they gently remove the stains and kill their cause.

House Hose-Down

Has your exterior lost its luster? Over time, your paint job can start to look drab. Your stone or stucco gets covered in dust. Your siding has layer upon layer of dirt. Transform this faded look with a professional house wash. Depending on the construction of your home, the professionals at Central Window Cleaning will choose the best method for cleaning your exterior.

For siding, stucco and stone, a soft wash system is best. For painted surfaces and concrete, pressure washing is the preferred method. Either way, the end result is the same. With one easy cleaning, your home’s exterior gets a brilliant like-new shine.

Professional Power Washing in Strongsville, OH

You don’t have to be content with a drab exterior. The experts at Central Window Cleaning are available to transform your home. Boost your curb appeal and increase the longevity of your roof and siding. Don’t let another season of dirt build-up go by. Contact Central Window Cleaning today for a free estimate.


Header image: Mark Schellhase – Wikimedia Commons

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